If you need additional space, consider finishing your attic to be more useful. An attic renovation has great potential and can create valuable, functional space.

Creative Ideas for an Attic Renovation

Attic renovations offer creative ways to use often-overlooked space in your home. Here are a few practical ways to use the attic space in your home.

Office Space

If you work from home and don’t have a dedicated office space, it may be time to transform your attic into a home office. Attics are quiet and away from the rest of the house, allowing you to focus on your work. You can add skylights or windows to bring in natural light. Choose a comfortable desk and chair, install custom built-in shelves, and use houseplants to add to the decor.

Playroom or Game Room

An attic could become a playroom or game room. Noise from the game room will not likely travel downstairs if the area is well-insulated and carpeted. Parents don’t have to worry about tripping over toys in the middle of the living room, and family members will have a dedicated space to play.

Extra Bedroom

An attic renovation that turns the space into an extra bedroom is a great idea. Many attics cover a large portion of the home’s footprint, giving plenty of space for a bedroom. Maximize your living space without building additions or buying a new home. You can also think about using this space for a guest room if you don’t already have one on the main floor. 

Home Gym

Save the commute to the gym each day, and create a home gym in your attic. Having a gym just up the stairs can make daily workouts easier while saving money in the long run. If you plan to build a gym, talk to a contractor to verify the attic floor joists can support the weight of the fitness equipment you’ll bring into your home.

Attic Renovation: Home Theater

If your attic has limited or no natural light, a home theater may be a renovation to consider. The lack of light creates an ideal space for a projector. Since the attic is closed off from the rest of the house, it’s possible to enjoy your movie without disturbing others. Add extra insulation or soundproofing and invest in home theater technology. Pick comfortable furniture and maybe even add a mini-fridge for snacks and drinks. 

Attics are the ideal space to renovate and gain additional livable square footage. By investing in an attic renovation, you add living space you can use any way you want.

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