Home improvement projects are a great way to boost your property value and create a more pleasant living environment. When you’re pressed for time or money, these easy home renovations are a great place to start.

Easy Home Renovations: Improve Your Closet

Make your everyday life a bit easier with a quick closet update. Add shelves on one side to accommodate clothes from overflowing drawers, include baskets on the top shelf to store sweaters, and install a shoe rack to control the clutter on the floor. An organization system is a great tool that will help you keep your closet under control.

Paint a Room

A fresh coat of paint provides an almost instant boost to any space in the house. Painting a room takes as little as one day, making it a great weekend project. Go with a vivid color to give the room some personality, or choose a simple, neutral shade if you’re looking to sell.

Replace Your Front Door

Improve the curb appeal of your home in one step by replacing your front door. The process is quick and easy and improves the overall appearance of the house. Make sure to check your local regulations, as some neighborhoods and HOAs require prior approval for this type of change. If you want a more budget-friendly solution, painting your door has a similar effect with a much lower cost.

Easy Home Renovations Include Updating Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are some of the most visible elements in your home; by updating just one fixture, you change the style of any space. Start with the rooms that get the most traffic, such as the kitchen or living room. Choose a high-impact fixture to make a bold statement, or select a simple, elegant model that’s more timeless.

Change Cabinet Hardware

A full kitchen makeover is an expensive and time-consuming project. For an easy and cheap alternative, replace the hardware on your cabinets. Sleek, streamlined knobs or handles give the doors and drawers a contemporary look. Personalize the space with unique vintage pieces or brightly colored novelty pulls. This project only takes a couple of hours, so you can complete it in an afternoon.

Within a couple of days, you can tackle any of these quick renovation projects. Most can be customized to fit your budget so you don’t have to spend a lot to improve your living spaces.

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