A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home and serves as a supplemental heat source when temperatures drop. However, you need the right tools to get the most out of your fireplace. Here are a few essential fireplace tools that you need to have.

Tools for Your Fireplace: Poker

A fireplace poker is to move logs and other fireplace debris in the firebox. It can also be helpful to shift ashes while the fire is burning. Purchase a poker that is comfortable and easy to manage. This tool helps you manage the flames without getting too close to the fire.

Shovel to Remove Ashes

A fireplace shovel helps remove ashes from the fireplace. You might also use it to move coals in the firebox. Wait until the ashes cool, and use the shovel to scoop them and dump them into a metal bucket. Make sure you are careful when using the shovel, as ashes can be hot and cause burns.

Fireplace Tongs are Essential Tools for Safety

Fireplace tongs are a must-have tool for anyone who has a fireplace. They are used to move logs and other fireplace debris. Fireplace tongs will have handles to grip, enabling you to shift burning wood in the fire.


A fireplace broom is an essential tool for any homeowner who has a fireplace. Use the broom to sweep ashes out of the fireplace and clean the fireplace screen. Always allow time for the ashes to cool before sweeping the fireplace. Remove ashes into a metal container.

Ash Bucket

Because ashes can remain hot for several days, it’s necessary to store them in a metal container. Purchase an ash bucket with a secure lid. When cleaning the fireplace, remove the ashes from the firebox into the bucket. Allow them to cool completely before disposing of them.

Screen for the Fireplace

A fireplace screen is an essential accessory for any homeowner who has a fireplace. The screen covers the fireplace opening and helps to keep embers contained. Install a screen to block young children and pets from the fire.

Alternatively, some homeowners install glass doors to protect the firebox. These doors – made from fire-resistant glass – help contain embers and burning logs and keep the home safe from stray sparks.

Keep your fireplace tools nearby to manage the flames and maintain the safety of your fireplace. Purchase a set of tools at your local hardware store or online.

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