Relax Around the Fire Pit

You can have hours of relaxation around a backyard fire pit in the summer. However, you need to put fire pit safety first.

Place Your Fire Pit in a Safe Location

The location has to be a priority when it comes to fire pit safety. Make sure that your fire pit’s location is:

  • A non-flammable surface
  • More than 10 feet from any other building
  • A place with nothing overhead

You should never place a fire pit on glass or a wooden surface.

Always Keep a Close Watch on an Open Flame

An open flame should always be attended. If you are with more than one person, take turns tending the fire. If you are alone, put it out before you leave your yard. Make sure you don’t place any outdoor furniture too close to the flames. If children are around the fire pit, be extra vigilant. Teach them about fire safety and keeping a safe distance to avoid accidents.

Make Sure the Conditions are Right for a Fire

Before you light up your fire pit, think about the conditions. If you have been experiencing a drought, it’s best to hold off until you have had some rain. A windy day could also lead to trouble. If you have had a great deal of rain, you’ll need to clean out your fire pit and add dry sand, tinder, and wood to have a proper blaze. Don’t burn wood that has been pressure-treated or other types of commercial lumber. They are treated with chemicals that could release dangerous toxins into the air.

Take Care With How You Build Your Fire Pit

As a rule of thumb, your fire pit should be at least six inches deep to help contain the flames safely, and two feet wide. If you buy a pit that has already been built, it should meet safety regulations. When building your own, be conscious of measurements. As an added precaution, place rocks or bricks around your fire pit. Make sure you clear away any brush or shrubs around your pit to keep the flames from spreading.

Make Sure Your Fire Pit is Completely Extinguished

When you are done enjoying a crackling fire in the evening or daytime, thoroughly extinguish the flames. The best way to douse the flames is to drench your fire pit with the hose. You can also use a metal rake or shovel to stir the ashes. If you see a flicker of red coals, apply more water. Have a bucket of water on hand in case of an emergency. As an added measure for fire pit safety, shovel your wet ashes into a metal trash can. When in doubt, spray your ashes down again. They could be hot for some time after the fire is out.

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