Stay Safe with these Grilling Safety Tips

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining with family and friends. However, grilling comes with dangers and it’s important to be sure you are using your grill safely. Each year, both people and property suffer damages from improper grill usage. By following these grilling safety tips, you and your family can stay safe and enjoy your time outdoors this summer.

1. Don’t Put Your Grill By Your House

While you may want to grill close by for convenience, it is important to make sure that your grill is at least 10 feet away from your home. If you can move it farther, that is even better. You also should not use your grill under any sort of overhangs like a porch or a carport. This way if your grill catches fire, you reduce the risk of it spreading to your home or another structure.

2. Maintain Your Grill

One of the most important grilling safety tips concerns grill maintenance. A poorly maintained grill is a big safety hazard. At the beginning of each grilling season, you need to inspect your grill and make sure everything is in working order. Anything that is broken should be repaired before your first use. You also need to thoroughly clean your grill after each use. Grilling meat can cause a buildup of fat and grease, both of which are highly flammable. Most grill fires start because the user has not properly and regularly cleaned the grill.

3. Be Safe with Gas

Although many people prefer to use gas grills, there are more risks associated with propane gas. Gas grills start more fires than charcoal. It’s important that you always open the grill before turning it on. If you don’t, you could cause a huge flame and badly burn yourself.

Another common grill safety issue for gas grills concerns gas leaks. You can easily make sure that your hoses are intact and secure by mixing a solution of dish soap and water and coating it on the hoses and connectors. Open the lid of the grill and turn on the gas. If there are bubbles, then you have leaks in your hoses or connectors.

4. Be Prepared in Case of Fire

Even with the best precautions, your grill may still flame up. You should keep a spray bottle of water and a fire extinguisher nearby so that you can deal with any fires that occur.

5. Be Careful with Kids and Pets

If you have kids and pets running around the yard while you are grilling, you need to be extra cautious. Kids are curious and pets are attracted to the smell of grilling meat. Always warn children about the dangers of a grill and keep pets safely away until the grill has cooled.

6. Always Use Your Grill Outside of the House

It is never safe to use your grill indoors. Even if you have a very small grill, it’s never smart to grill inside. Not only is it a fire hazard, grills release carbon monoxide, which is deadly to breathe indoors.

7. Charcoal Grills Can Be Dangerous Too

While it is generally agreed that charcoal grills are safer than gas, one of the most important grilling safety tips involves charcoal. These grills can stay hot long after you are finished, so be careful when disposing of the coals. Even coals that appear to be extinguished can reignite if still hot.

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