Working on home improvement projects brings you a sense of accomplishment, and rightly so. However, it is common for some homeowners to overestimate their ability and make expensive mistakes. There are some home projects best left to the pros.

In some instances, it’s best to hire specialists who have the training and experience in home repairs and renovations. While some DIY projects are safely completed by a handy homeowner, more complex jobs should be handled by a professional.

Before starting any extensive project, hire a home inspector to give you a detailed report on the systems and components of your home. Defects in the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and structural systems can potentially be dangerous.

Roofing Home Projects Best Left to the Pros

Installing a new roof is challenging, especially if the roof pitch exceeds 20 degrees. Any roofing projects are best left to the pros. Experienced roofers are experts on laying shingles, checking for leaks, and have the equipment to complete the job safely. A DIY roof project gone wrong can cost thousands to fix, not to mention the risk of harm to yourself and your home.

Tearing Out a Wall

You may have heard horror stories of homeowners knocking out a load-bearing wall or hitting a utility line when removing a wall. A contractor can perform a quick inspection and let the homeowner know what is behind the wall before it’s knocked down. Tearing out a wall is one of the home projects best left to the pros.


Any move, even those just across town, can be stressful. No matter how organized a homeowner thinks they are, professional movers will always do it faster and safer. Plus, your back will thank you for the next day.

HVAC Repair

Heating and cooling systems are complex and should be left alone, even by the most experienced DIY-ers. Pro HVAC technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience in ductwork, compressors, and condenser coils. Because the components are expensive and much of the work is in rarely accessed areas of the home, this type of project is best left to the pros.

Electrical Home Projects Best Left to the Pros

Simple electrical wiring mistakes, like putting the wrong gauge on a high-load circuit, can cause the wires to overheat and start a fire. Professional electricians are bonded and insured and their work is guaranteed to be safe. The same can’t be said for the average homeowner who wants to take on the job without fully understanding the consequences and danger of electrical work.

Installing a Skylight

Similar to the concerns with DIY roofing projects, anything involving cutting into your roof or home should be left to a professional. A poorly installed skylight compromises the integrity of your roof and threatens your belongings. A professional knows where to cut to avoid rafters and how to properly seal and insulate the frame for the skylight.

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