If you’re planning to put your home on the market, you may already be feeling overwhelmed. There will be a list of tasks you’ll complete to prepare for the sale. Check out the benefits of a pre-listing inspection to understand why you shouldn’t skip this important step.

Understand Your Home’s Condition

A pre-listing home inspection gives you a professional assessment of the condition of your home. The inspector provides a report detailing any problems, safety concerns, or defects found in the property. Understanding the condition of your home is helpful in pricing the property and in preparing for negotiations.

Waiting for the buyer’s inspection often results in surprises when their inspector finds issues with your home. Most offers are contingent on the inspection report, and a report that details issues and needed repairs often results in lengthy negotiations.

Use the Pre-Listing Inspection to Choose What to Improve

It’s a good idea to make major repairs before putting the house on the market. You’ll recoup more than the cost of repairs because the home will sell for a higher price when it’s in great condition.

With the information in the inspection report, you and your real estate agent can determine what repairs and improvements are smart investments.

Alternatively, you can decide not to fix any issues and offer the home at a lower list price. However, this will limit your pool of buyers since most people want a move-in ready home. If your buyer does request that you handle repairs, you’ll only have a short window of time to complete them before closing.

One of the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is that there’s no rush to remedy problems. You can take your time choosing a contractor, shop around for quotes, and then list the property once the repairs are completed.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection: Price Accurately

It’s difficult to price a home accurately if you don’t know its condition. Your realtor has experience when it comes to pricing. However, even the best agents will benefit from the information in an inspection report. Details about the property will be available to help you set a fair and accurate price.

Easier Negotiations

Buyers often use their home inspection as a reason to ask for concessions or price reductions. Getting the house inspected before listing it gives you valuable information as the seller. Share the report with a potential buyer to help establish trust. A buyer wants to feel good about their purchase and having the inspection report in hand will give them confidence in their investment.

Take advantage of these benefits of a pre-listing inspection. Order an inspection and enjoy a more rewarding selling experience.

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