Radon is an odorless gas that may be present in your home. Elevated levels of the radioactive gas are one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the US. Since radon risks can pose health problems for households, it is important to test for the radon levels in your home.

What is Considered a Safe Level of Radon for a Home?

Experts recommend that radon levels are tested in every home. This is because radon levels can fluctuate depending on certain conditions. Radon gas levels must be monitored. The average person is exposed to at least .4 pCi/L, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Acceptable levels of radon in a home should not exceed .4pCi/L. If the levels exceed this threshold, it is recommended that steps be taken to reduce radon levels in the home.

How Does Radon Enter the Home?

There is no specific action that causes radon to enter the home since radon is a naturally-occurring gas. The gradual breakdown of uranium in soil, water, and rock all contribute to the production of radioactivity. The varying levels of pressure allow radon to enter the home through cracks in the foundation and other openings. As the radon accumulates in the home, it becomes trapped and leads to elevated radon risks in the home.

Mitigating Radon Risks

There are radon mitigation companies that specialize in the removal of excess levels of radon. The soil may be suctioned to remove excess radon levels from the home. Steps to improve ventilation can be taken to control radon levels in the home. Rooms can be pressurized to reduce the high concentrations of radon. The good news is that whenever there is a radon reduction or abatement system installed, radon risks in the home can be reduced.

What To Do About Radon Risks in the Home

This invisible and odorless gas can cause significant health risks to the family if high levels accumulate in your home, so testing is critical for the health of you and your family. The only way to gauge the levels of radon in the home is through testing. If testing results show high levels of radon in the home, steps can be taken to reduce radon levels with a radon mitigation company.

Buyer’s Edge, LLC is a home inspection company that provides radon testing to Western North Carolina. We also offer radon mitigation services through our company Breathe Well. Contact us if your home hasn’t been tested for radon, if you would like to monitor the radon levels in your home, or if you need to reduce radon risks!