If you purchased a home with a deck or have added one on to your house, you may not use it as often as you would like. Make improvements to help your outdoor living space feel more welcoming. Here are a few easy, do-it-yourself ways to upgrade your deck to get more enjoyment out of your space.

Comfortable Furniture

Most outdoor furniture is wicker, metal, or wood. It’s generally built to be functional and stand up to the weather, but it’s not the most comfortable. Add cushions to your outdoor chairs. Throw pillows add comfort and a boost of color. Arrange the furniture in a way that makes sense. Sitting in a comfy chair, you may want to have a small table nearby. If your grill is on the deck, include a table and chairs for eating meals. If the deck is big enough, create different seating areas designated by outdoor rugs.

Create Shade to Upgrade Your Deck

On the hottest days of summer, you will appreciate shade while lounging on the deck. Installing a shade sail or a patio umbrella provides a place where you can escape from the heat. Even when the weather isn’t hot, a shaded area is a nice place to relax and read a book.

Add a Pergola

Building upwards adds interest to an otherwise flat area. Make use of your deck space to build a pergola. This attractive structure will add personality to the deck and provide shade. A privacy wall is another way to incorporate vertical space. You can block the view of the neighbors and create a vertical feature on your deck. Build a wall from old pallets, hang curtains, or install a trellis as a place for vining plants to grow.

Upgrade Your Deck With Lighting

The deck is a wonderful place to relax, even after dark. With so many lighting options available, you are sure to find lights you’ll enjoy in your outdoor space. String lights create a festive atmosphere. You might install post lights so the entire perimeter of the deck is illuminated. Add lighting near the stairs to make your deck safer. Solar-powered LEDs are an energy-efficient way the light the pathway to your backyard deck.

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