Being a homeowner comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Besides financial and maintenance obligations, there are safety precautions to follow. Fire safety is one of the most impactful things to practice in order to keep people and your home safe.

Defining Fire Safety

Home fire safety has two parts: preventing fires from starting in the first place and escaping safely if a fire does occur. This goes beyond just having a smoke alarm installed. Here are some steps homeowners should take to prevent house fires.

Preventative Measures for Fire Safety

Following these steps are key to preventing emergencies:

Keep grills, fire pits, and deep fryers away from the siding of your home. Also, avoid putting them near any landscaping or brush. An open flame can blow sideways or flare up, catching anything nearby on fire. Be sure to place these items out in the open with plenty of clearance. This alone will help prevent many of the thousands of accidental grill fires that occur each year.

If you use space heaters in your home, keep them away from any upholstery and other flammable items. Also, while it may be tempting to leave the space heater on all night while you sleep, this is not safe. Turn off space heaters before retiring for the night. Unattended space heaters cause house fires every year.

Any major items that produce heat, like furnaces and fireplaces, should be properly serviced annually. Keep your stove, oven, and grill clean.

In The Event of a Fire

Should a fire break out, have plans in place to get out of the house safely. Smoke alarms should be located on each floor of your home, in every bedroom, and in hallways. The same goes for fire extinguishers. A single extinguisher tucked away in the corner of the garage is not adequate in a two-story house. Keep properly maintained fire extinguishers easily accessible throughout the home so you can put out a small fire before it’s too late.

You should also have a pre-designed and discussed escape plan in the event of a fire. Fire safety officials recommend having two exits from each room. In second-story rooms, window ladders may be required to escape. Make sure each upper-story room has its own escape ladder.

Ignoring fire safety precautions puts your whole family at risk. Make an effort to implement all of the above tips to keep your property and loved ones safe.

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